How Do I Seek Employment With Tioga County?

If you are interested in applying for employment with Tioga County, please apply on-line or print and complete each page of the application and submit to the Tioga County Department of Personnel & Civil Service. For assistance in completing your application, we highly recommend you refer to our Application Guidelines. To apply for more than one civil service exam or vacancy posting, you must complete one application for each. Applications will be kept on file for six (6) months, in accordance with our Application Policy.

Carefully read examination announcements and vacancy postings. They contain important information about the examination and/or selection process. These notices are available on our website and from the Personnel & Civil Service Department.

The positions under our jurisdiction represent a wide variety of careers within divisions such as Health and Human Services, Sheriff’s Office, County Clerk’s Office, Dept. of Public Works, and others. Every job in local government falls under the New York State Merrit System, also known as “Civil Service”. Different jobs or titles have different classifications under civil service. The classification of a title will determine the process involved for an applicant.

There are five (5) classifications:

UNCLASSIFIED - Typically elected officials and certified teachers; all titles listed under Appendix D of the Tioga County Civil Service Rules.

EXEMPT – Typically positions where the hiring agency decides the qualifications of applicants and chooses the person they want to hire; may be advertised by a Vacancy Posting; all titles listed under Appendix A of the Tioga County Civil Service Rules.

LABOR - Typically no minimum qualifications required; hiring agency choose anyone for these jobs; may be advertised by a Vacancy Posting; all titles listed under Appendix C of the Tioga County Civil Service Rules.

NON-COMPETITIVE - These positions have minimum qualifications (either: licensure, education, and/or experience) that applicants must meet; hiring agency choose from qualified applicants; may be advertised by a Vacancy Posting; all titles listed under Appendix B of the Tioga County Civil Service Rules.

COMPETITIVE - These positions require applicants to compete in an examination process; applicants must meet minimum qualifications, complete all aspects of the examination process, score among the top 3 candidates and interview successfully to be considered for permanent employment; advertised by either a Vacancy Posting (if provisional) or Examination Announcement; any title NOT LISTED under the Tioga County Civil Service Rule Appendix.

There are different types of examinations::

  • Open-competitive (OC) – Open to the public. Candidates must complete an application and identify how they meet the minimum qualifications (educational and/or experience) listed on the examination announcement. In addition, the application and filing fee or fee waiver form must be submitted by the announced filing deadline date.
  • Promotional (Prom) – Restricted to current employees of specific hiring agencies. Candidates must meet service requirements and announced filing deadline date.
  • Continuous Recruitment (CR) – Refers to those examinations for which applications are accepted on a continuous basis and there is no deadline to apply. CR examinations are either OC or Prom.


Tioga County is an Equal Opportunity Employer